Coffee Pal: The app for all things coffee!

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Subscribe to Coffee Pal for 9 DKK a month and get 25% off your coffee using our app.

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Get more from the money you spend with a Coffee Pal subscription.

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The app for all things coffee

Thirsty for a coffee? Look no further. With the most comprehensive guide of coffee shops around, and a subscription that helps you save money when visiting them, Coffee Pal is your go-to app for all things coffee.
Coffee Pal: The app for all things coffee!

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Why Coffee Pal?

Never pay full price

Subscriptions make sense when you do something a lot. Think about it; you subscribe to the music you listen to, the TV shows you watch, and the fitness center you work out at. And because you're willing to commit yourself, the service provider is willing to give you a better price. Now, from our experience, people drink a lot of coffee, so we thought, "Why not help them save on their coffee too?" With Coffee Pal, you pay a small monthly fee and get 25% off your coffee using our app. Coffee Pal; never pay full price.

Always know where to go

Ever found yourself thirsty for a coffee, but not really sure where to go? Maybe you've grown tired of your regular coffee shop, and want to try something new. Maybe you're in a part of town where you don't go that often, and need a recommendation. Well, you're in luck! With Coffee Pal, you have all the best coffee shops, right at your fingertips. Discover new and interesting locations, read and write reviews, get directions, like shops you want to re-visit, and much more. Coffee Pal; always know where to go.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Coffee Pal?

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It’s your new go-to app for all things coffee. Trust us. In the app, you’ll find the most complete guide of coffee shops around. You’ll be able to read reviews, get directions, like shops, and much more. And not to forget, the subscription. With the app, you’ll be able to sign up for a subscription that gets you access to a discount of 25% on your coffee. Download the app to see for your own eyes.

How does Coffee Pal work?

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It's so simple you already know how to use it. Once you’ve downloaded the app and signed up for a subscription, simply:
  • Go to a coffee shop and open the app
  • Choose what coffee you want
  • Customize the coffee to your liking
  • Choose whether you’d like it to-go or to-stay
  • Swipe to claim it and show your order to the barista
  • Pay three quarters

What coffees can I get?

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Whatever coffee you like, really. To check out what coffees a shop serve, simply open our app and go to its page. From here, you'll be able to find its full coffee menu, which you're free to choose from as a Coffee Pal subscriber. On top of that, you too get to customize your coffee to your likings. So if you're all about that vegan milk, prefer your coffee with a double shot, want it iced, or something else, you just go right ahead add that.

How much does Coffee Pal cost?

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Downloading our app is 100% free! Purchasing our subscription starts at 9 DKK/month, but if you drink a lot of coffee, and want to get the most from your subscription, we suggest you opt for our yearly subscription. At 90 DKK/year, you get two months for free and save 16% compared to our monthly subscription.

Where can I get coffee with Coffee Pal?

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At an ever-increasing amount of coffee shops. Download our app to check where your closest Coffee Pal shop is. Alternatively, head over to our Explore coffee shops page here on our website.

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