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Coffee Pal is your go-to coffee app. Always know where to go. Never pay full price.

So, how does Coffee Pal work?

Coffee Pal is so simple you already know how to use it.
Explore the coffee shops around you with the using the Coffee Pal app's map view, or dive deep with its search and filtering features

Explore the coffee shops around you

Find out where to get your next coffee using our map, or dive deep with our search and filtering features.
Get to know your local coffee shops by visiting it using the Coffee Pal app, where you can see everything from opening hours, look up menus, read reviews, and more.

Get to know your local coffee shops

Learn more about the coffee shops in your neighborhood by visiting their page in our app.
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Your go-to coffee guide

We've gathered all the best coffee shops in one app, so you always know where to find them.

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All the info you need

Check opening hours, get directions, view images, look up menus, and more with Coffee Pal.

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Read and write reviews

Get hints about what coffee shops you might like, and leave feedback for those you visit.

Getting a coffee has never been easier

Choose a coffee. Customize it. Swipe right. Save money.
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Choose the coffee you want. Customize it

Get whatever coffee you want and customize it however you like it. Really, you're the boss.

Swipe right to claim your coffee. Then pay three quarters

It's all about that swipe. Review your order and swipe to claim your coffee. Then pay three quarters
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Frequently asked questions

How do I pay for the coffees I get using Coffee Pal?

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Once you've swiped to claim your coffee, and showed your order to the barista, you simply pay directly to the coffee shop, using any of their available payment methods. In other words, you don't pay via the Coffee Pal app.

The amount you need to pay, will appear from your order, which automatically calculates your 25% discount, so you don't have to.

How often can I get a coffee with Coffee Pal?

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You can get as many coffees you want with your Coffee Pal subscription. And remember, when you do so, you only pay three quarters. All you have to do, is wait 15 minutes once you’ve claimed a coffee, before you can claim another one.

Can I take my coffee to-go?

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That depends on the shop you visit. If it serves to-go, you can get your coffee to go. You can always check this on the given shop's page in our app. In general, you—as a Coffee Pal subscriber—will be treated like any other customer.
Choose whatever coffee you want, and customize however you like with the Coffee Pal app

Experience the best way to coffee for yourself

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